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  • Project Administration

Project Administration oversees developments receiving Low Income Housing Tax Credits (HTC) and Housing Development Assistance Program (HDAP) funds during the construction phase of the development. Project Administration is responsible for ensuring that the development progresses according to schedule and that the recipient fulfills all terms of the funding agreements and related policies. Please follow the document submission procedures.

Below you will find important information and descriptions of the documents and forms you may need to access during the project administration process.

Project Assignments

Developments funded with resources administered by OHFA are assigned analysts from the OHFA staff. These analysts work with developers and funding recipients from the application phase through construction completion both to provide technical assistance and to ensure requirements of the various funding sources are being met. Analysts also review and approve requests for HDAP funds, conduct periodic site visits during construction, process the paperwork to close out HDAP requests and complete the requests for the 8609 forms. The following file lists analysts for each development along with contact information.

HDAP Status Reports

All HDAP recipients are required to update OHFA on the progress of the construction. One way to accomplish this is by completing an Interim Status Report. Should OHFA require this document, the staff assigned will send the form to the HDAP recipient to be completed.

All HDAP recipients must also complete a Final Performance Report. The deadline for this report is noted in the Funding Agreement. However, housing credit projects which are completed in advance of the deadline must submit the Final Performance Report with their 8609 request. Recipients should contact OHFA to obtain the form.

Projects which have been funded with HOME dollars through HDAP may also be required to submit a Notice of Contract Award (NOCA) and a Semi-Annual Labor Standards Enforcement Report.

If requested, recipients should send completed forms to the Project Administrator assigned to the development (see Project Administration Assignment list above).

Request for Payment Form

HDAP developments requesting a draw of funds must use the Request for Payment form provided below. Please note that all draws must be on an OHFA draw form and accompanied by the appropriate supporting documents.

Signature Certification and Signature Card

At the time of the initial draw for each development, the recipient must submit a Signature Certification and Signature Card to OHFA for review and permanent file. The two signatures displayed on the card must match the two original signatures on each draw form submitted.

Post Allocation

If you are requesting a carryover allocation or an 8609 Form, please complete the following cost certification forms and submit them to OHFA with your request. Submit an Excel copy of the forms and a PDF copy of all other required items on a disk, plus a hard copy of the forms with original signatures and a check for the required fee.

10% Test
Rent Election
8609 Request
Final Energy Efficiency Certification

(For 8609 Form requests on developments agreeing to energy efficiency features at the time of application)

Quarterly Construction Monitoring

Completion of the OHFA Quarterly Construction Monitoring Form is required for 9% and 4% Housing Tax Credit projects and HDAP projects. The Report must be submitted on a quarterly basis, beginning the first quarterly reporting period following OHFA Board approval, through 100% construction completion. Reports are due January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 of each year until the project is placed in to service.


OHFA is currently underwriting selected projects to determine the need for TCAP (Tax Credit Assistance Program) funding. Projects awarded TCAP funds are subject to federal prevailing wage rates during construction. These federal wage rates are commonly known as Davis-Bacon wage rates. To assist our customers with the implementation and compliance of Davis-Bacon monitoring, we have provided this user friendly guide.

Prevailing Wage

Developments receiving funding from OHFA may be subject to Davis-Bacon or state prevailing wage laws. Davis-Bacon applies to public developments that receive federal funding, and state prevailing wage laws apply to public developments that receive state funding. Triggers set forth by the applicable laws determine when the laws apply.

The OHFA Guide to Prevailing Wage Requirements was crafted to ensure that OHFA's funding recipients are in full compliance with federal and state prevailing wage laws and regulations applicable to their development. The purpose of the guide is to provide OHFA's funding recipients and related parties (general contractors, subcontractors, developers, management companies, etc.) with a better understanding of the laws and regulations, and to establish "best practices" that will ensure federal and state compliance requirements are met.

The guide is not intended to replace or substitute any federal or state laws and regulations, but rather was written to serve as a supplemental procedural guide for OHFA staff, OHFA funding recipients, and interested parties to refer to when federal or state prevailing wage rates apply.

Qualifying Homebuyers

HDAP homeownership development sponsors should refer to the HDAP Homebuyer Qualification Policy before beginning to work with potential homebuyers. Development sponsors should also review the HDAP Homebuyer Eligibility Workbook before qualifying potential homebuyers.

Requests and Correspondence

Draw requests and all other correspondence should be delivered to the following address:

Diane Alecusan
Ohio Housing Finance Agency
57 East Main Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Report Fraud

If you believe a person or entity is attempting to or has committed fraud using one of OHFA's multifamily financing tools, please follow this link to report the suspected activity. Please note that OHFA has limited jurisdiction and may only investigate matters within its authority; if a reported matter is outside that scope, the report may be referred to a more appropriate entity, including the owner/developer. Also be advised that OHFA will not discuss the results of any investigation that may come from your report. You will be contacted again only if it is necessary to complete our investigation.


Questions concerning the implementation of a HDAP-funded development should be directed to the Project Administration staff:

Diane Alecusan
Ohio Housing Finance Agency
57 East Main Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Email Diane Alecusan