Housing Development Assistance Programs

  • Housing Development Assistance programs (HDAP)

Welcome to the resource center for the Housing Development Assistance programs (HDAP) through which the Ohio Housing Finance Agency assists with the costs of developing or preserving affordable housing. Programs are funded by the Federal HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME), the Ohio Housing Trust Fund (OHTF), and the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF). Awarded as soft funding, HDAP resources enable developers and owners of affordable housing to serve households at or below 50 percent of Area Median Income (AMI).

Available Funding:

HDAP funds are awarded on a competitive basis in three distinct funding rounds. Because the competitive criteria for each round are different, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) has divided this into three programs to provide more clarity when discussing the program requirements.

Housing Credit Gap Financing (HCGF)

When used with the annual competitive (9 percent) housing credit round, HDAP funds are referred to as housing credit gap financing. Program requirements are found in the most current qualified allocation plan.

Bond Gap Financing (BGF)

Developers using non-competitive (4 percent) credits in conjunction with multifamily bonds may compete for HDAP resources in the BGF round. Program requirements are found in the most current Housing Development Gap Financing Guidelines.

Housing Development Gap Financing (HDGF)

Developers seeking to construct or rehabilitate small, multifamily housing developments (including fewer than 25 units) and not seeking Housing Tax Credits may compete for HDAP resources in the HDGF round. Program requirements are found in the most current Housing Development Gap Financing Guidelines.

Related Programs and Funding


In all HDAP programs, awarded funds are considered a soft loan with repayment based on the projects cash flow. While there is some flexibility in both the interest rate (up to 2 percent) and the terms of the HDAP funds, the amount of repayment will be determined by OHFA during the review of the final application.

All HDAP awards are closed through the Legal Office.

Applications and Forms

In addition to the standard documents required by OHFA when applying for resources, HDAP requires the following documents:

  • Acquisition an Relocation Forms:
    • Questionnaire on acquisition, relocation & demolition
    • Real property acquisition and relocation certification
    • Sample voluntary acquisition form – third party
  • HDAP Funding Sources Comparison (223 KB Adobe PDF File)
  • HDAP Closing Checklist (24 KB Word File)
  • Tax information authorization disclosure

Contact Information

Questions and correspondence regarding HDAP may be directed to

Karen Banyai
Planning, Preservation and Development
Ohio Housing Finance Agency
57 East Main Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215