Journey Through the Civil Rights Movement Video Series

Tuesday, November 6: 11:15am – 12:30pm

Impactful videos will illustrate the civil rights movement, highlighting major events such as The Sit-ins, Freedom Rides, Brown v. Board of Education, Little Rock Nine, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights, The Birmingham Bombing, Chicago Housing Riots, Fair Housing Act, and MLK Assassination. This session will also give a basic overview of the protected classes in housing.

Session Materials:

Journey Through the Civil Rights Movement Presentation (1.51 MB Adobe PDF File)

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Jonathan (Jon) Duy, Ohio Housing Finance Agency
Jonathan Duy joined OHFA in 2011 and serves as the Real Estate Relations Manager. Since 2006, Duy has served as a licensed real estate agent in central and northeastern Ohio and passionately believes in homeownership. Prior to joining OHFA's Office of Homeownership, he worked on OHFA's statewide foreclosure prevention effort and for a public housing consulting firm. He is accredited by the Division of Real Estate as a continuing education provider and has taught over 5,000 real estate agents. Duy holds a Bachelor's degree in Urban Studies with a concentration in Urban Planning and Geographical Information Systems from Cleveland State University.


Ronnell Tomlinson, Ohio Civil Rights Commission
Mr. Ronnell Tomlinson is the Director of Housing Enforcement and Director of Mediation/ADR Services for the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. He also serves as the Commission's liaison with U.S. Department of Housing and Development (HUD) working closely with HUD in the administration of housing cases. Together with the Commission's Executive Director and Director of Operations, Mr. Tomlinson works to develop and implement the Commission's housing and mediation policies and procedures. He conducts public relations activities, diversity training, gives both mediation and housing presentations at Colleges and Universities as well as to employees of public and private entities, and he coordinates program activities with private and public agencies, disability advocacy agencies, and other fair housing advocacy groups. He is a nationally recognized expert in housing discrimination cases serving on panels and providing training to attendees HUD's national policy conferences and regional trainings. In 2009, Mr. Tomlinson received the Commission's Director's Award – the agency's highest acknowledgement of service.