OHFA Spring 2019 Agency at a Glance

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 11 - SPRING 2019 2018 Employee of the Year Christine Proebstl Chief Executive Administrator Christine has a set of special skills that touch every aspect of OHFA’s mission and work. There aren’t many staff who haven’t asked Christine a question or sought out her expertise. Although Christine’s works most directly with the Director’s Office, her tasks serve the entire Agency. Contacting OHFA? You’ll likely talk to Christine. Need help with an event? Christine organizes and assists with tailgates, blood drives, and charity events. Need information about a Board member or meeting? Christine. Got a trip coming up? You guessed it, Christine. She books travel, completes expense reports, tracks meetings and more. In 2018, Christine organized the Agency’s Board documents into an online system that can be searched and viewed by others. She also changed certain paper functions into electronic systems that can streamline requests to the Director’s Office. These updates improved the Agency’s ability to communicate and share information. Christine’s role requires her to work with many different people and personalities. She is well-respected by her colleagues. Fellow staff members describe her as “innovative” and adaptive to change. She serves as an exceptional OHFA representative and strives to make it more efficient and successful. She is an irreplaceable part of the Agency. NEW EMPLOYEES Sophia Syed College Intern Communications & Marketing Tanis Starr Administrative Professional 1 Multifamily Investments JOB TITLE CHANGE Diane Alecusan Program & Policy Manager Planning, Preservation & Development