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DevCo Release Updates

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) released several changes/updates to DevCo Online on August 1, 2016. For more information on areas impacted by the release please review this memo.

DevCo System Alert & Updates

Important Update (2/11/16)  Alert

Using Show All Reporting Years – Quick Guide
To view reporting years that aren't listed by default use this one page guide.

Important Update (1/6/16)  Alert

Printing Tenant Income Certification – Updated Procedure
Due to changes in the recent releases to DevCo the steps for printing a Tenant Income Certification have changed. OHFA recommends that you now export as a PDF before printing. This insures that the format of the form is preserved. Please review the steps in the PDF below to print Tenant Income Certifications from DevCo.

Important Update (10/15/15)  Alert

Accessing 2016 & other reporting years – Temporary Solution
The 2016 reporting year will be listed by default in the "Properties Assigned to You" table on January 1, 2016. Until then, please remember the current reporting year and the previous reporting year are shown initially when viewing your properties. In order to view, edit or add information in any other reporting year, you must filter by the property name before selecting "Show All Owner Certificates"; otherwise, an error occurs in the system. OHFA is working on correcting this issue and will post a notification of when the issue is resolved. Please follow the steps in the PDF below to access 2016 and other reporting years in DevCo.

Important Update (2/20/15)  Alert

.06% Passbook Rate Update in DevCo Complete
The software update to the passbook rate of .06% has been completed and is fully operational. The software was updated on February 17, 2015.

Important Update (1/7/15)  Alert

Viewing and Editing Events occurring prior to the 2014 Reporting Year in DevCo – Temporary Solution
If you need to view or edit information submitted for the 2013 reporting year or add tenant events that occurred prior to the current reporting year, please note there is system issue that is the process of being resolved. An error occurs in the system if "Show All Owner Certificates" is selected before applying a filter to the Property Listing Table. OHFA is working on correcting this issue. Please follow the steps in the PDF below to access 2013 and older reporting years in DevCo.