Annual Reporting & Compliance

  • DevCo Annual Reporting & Compliance


The 2018 Annual Owner Reporting deadline is March 1, 2019; this includes the 2018 Annual Owner Certification & Finalized Tenant Data. The next webinar will be held on February 5 at 2pm. The reporting features used are available in DevCo and additional guidance is available with the Compliance User Guide, DevCo Videos and DevCo Compliance FAQs. Please note that the OHFA Compliance analyst assigned to your property will send out any outstanding items identified from the 2018 Reporting Period.

Annual Reporting

Owners and sponsors of apartment communities funded by OHFA through Housing Tax Credits, gap financing/HDAP (e.g. HOME or Ohio Housing Trust Fund), or Multifamily Bonds must annually submit certifications and reports to remain in compliance with these programs. Here is a summary of information you need to completely and accurately submit your reports. Don't forget to carefully read the instructions before starting the certification and reporting process.

Additional information regarding ongoing compliance can be found under Compliance Policies or Compliance Updates Message Archive. If you have any questions or problems concerning annual owner reporting, contact your regional representative.

Annual Operating Survey

Part of the normal reporting process for Housing Tax Credit projects includes completing the Annual Operating Survey. The latest survey is to be completed and submitted to the Agency by March 1, 2019. Questions regarding the Annual Operating Survey may be directed by email to Kevin Clark.

Capital Investment Program Annual Certification

Deadline for submission of the Capital Investment Program is April 2, 2018.


Managers or Owners: For questions regarding use of DevCo for compliance or other issues please use the DevCo Helpdesk.